Commvault Launches New Appliances and Expands Portfolio

Commvault, provider of backup, recovery, cloud, and data management, is making improvements to its existing portfolio and adding new solutions to its suite of cloud-ready appliances.

“Companies rely on Commvault to be able to protect their data, to move it to particular locations, be able to manage it, and maintain control over the data as it moves from location to location,” said Lance Shaw, director of solutions marketing at Commvault. 

The Commvault HyperScale Appliance (model HS3300) is an innovative scale-out infrastructure for managed service providers (MSPs) and large enterprises, and the Commvault Remote Office Appliance is a turnkey appliance that enables enterprises to extend Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery solutions to smaller remote offices.

“This allows organizations to really, with a purchase of one sku, be able to protect a very wide variety of data repositories across their entire environment,” said Shaw.

The new larger capacity appliance provides integrated scale-out data protection with Commvault HyperScale Technology together with Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery.

The new smaller capacity appliance delivers an integrated remote office solution to simplify remote office management as a part of a centralized hybrid IT strategy built from the larger Commvault HyperScale Appliances.

“It gives users the capability to protect remote offices, have a local copy there for quick restores, but it also gives users the ability to manage and migrate or replicate those copies back to the corporate office for disaster protection purposes,” said Phil Wandrei, director of solutions marketing at Commvault. “It gives you all the benefits of a single user interface regardless of the appliance you are utilizing.”

Organizations looking to simplify their environment, IT infrastructure, as well as streamline their operations will benefit the most from these new appliances, according to Wandrei.

In addition to these new appliances the company is introducing the Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery as-a-Service (B&RaaS) portfolio.

The portfolio includes three new cloud-based services?Commvault Complete B&RaaS, Commvault Complete B&RaaS for Virtual Machines (VMs), and Commvault Complete B&RaaS for Native Cloud Applications?providing customers the flexibility to select specific outcomes that best fit their business needs and use cases to drive increased simplicity, ease of use and cost savings.

“As we move to delivering as a service and subscription models for our customers, we’re really building on the proven Commvault technology. I think that’s the scope and breadth of what can be covered whether or not you do this on premises or whether you do it as a service is unmatched,” said Shaw. “That’s really what sets Commvault apart from other service offerings.”

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