Companies Choose jBASE to Boost Their Business

Zumasys, a provider of MultiValue software products and cloud computing, continues to grow as several companies recently modernized their MultiValue applications with jBASE.

These companies include General Air Service and Supply, Denver, CO, Sanders Supply, Hot Springs, AR, Sepulveda Building Materials, Laguna Niguel, CA, The Corken Steel Products Co., Florence, KY, and Calverley Supply, Sterling Heights, MI.

“We are really excited about the market response to jBASE,” said Zumasys President and co-founder Paul Giobbi. “More and more MultiValue users in every industry are seeing tremendous value in being able to modernize their applications with browser-based interfaces. And not only is jBASE lower cost than their legacy database solutions, it allows them to appeal to the next generation of developers who can take their applications forward into the future.”

jBASE is a database management system that Zumasys acquired in 2015. jBASE includes native RESTful services, middleware, and a multi-dimensional database.

jBASE turns MultiValue applications into “native” Linux or Windows programs. With jBASE, the application logic found in proven legacy applications can be easily integrated with the latest development frameworks and languages. 

This approach allows organizations to take advantage of the latest technologies without abandoning the richness and low total cost of ownership of legacy applications.

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