Composite Information Server is Certified with MicroStrategy 9 Business Intelligence Platform

Composite Software has announced the certification of its flagship data virtualization product, the Composite Information Server, with MicroStrategy 9. MicroStrategy's business intelligence software enables companies to analyze the volumes of data stored across their enterprise to make better business decisions. In addition to the certification, Composite Software has also signed a global marketing alliance agreement with MicroStrategy, which includes a range of joint marketing programs.

According to the vendors, the combination of Composite Information Server and MicroStrategy provides agility and flexibility for BI users by extending the range of data sources available for analysis, as well as accelerating the performance of on-demand queries. Companies can enhance their BI reports by seamlessly integrating with business and SaaS applications, such as SAP and

"In a time of extreme business change, business users need agile approaches to information," says Robert Eve, executive vice president of marketing of Composite Software. "We are pleased to gain certification with MicroStrategy to enable their customers to more easily access and analyze important information via data virtualization."

"With this recent certification, Composite users can now take advantage of MicroStrategy by selecting Composite as a data warehouse type from MicroStrategy's standard interface," adds Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy's COO. "Our customers have some of the largest, most demanding BI applications in the industry, and this collaboration will enable customers to easily access and manage non-relational data sources for their data-rich BI and mobile applications."

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