Composite Software Adds Support for Rainstor's Big Data Management Database

Composite Software has added access to RainStor's Big Data management database, expanding the list of popular enterprise applications it now supports, including Oracle, SAP, and, as well as relational and multi-dimensional data sources from IBM, IBM Netezza, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP BW, SAP Sybase and Teradata.

RainStor is used as a primary database to ingest, retain and manage high volumes of multi-structured data such as logs, call data, financial service transactions, smart meter data and other forms of automated machine-generated data. In addition, RainStor recently announced a new product edition that runs natively on Hadoop providing query and analytics through both SQL and MapReduce.  RainStor is also used as a secondary database for holding historical data from retired applications as well as enterprise data warehouses such as Teradata.

In all of these scenarios, Composite allows the data retained within RainStor to be easily combined with other enterprise data scattered throughout the organization. The Composite Data Virtualization Platform includes high-performance query middleware and complementary offerings that integrate data from multiple, disparate sources - anywhere across the extended enterprise - in a unified, logically virtualized manner for on-demand consumption by a wide range of front-end business solutions.

 "To maintain our success as the market's leading enterprise data virtualization solution, we must continuously add the latest, most innovative data sources,"  says Peter Tran, Composite Software vice president of product marketing.  RainStor's compelling economics for Big Data management and our joint philosophy of simplicity in enterprise data access makes our products a natural fit."

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