Composite Software Releases Latest Data Virtualization Software Featuring "Big Data" Integration Support for Apache Hadoop, IBM Netezza and HP Vertica

Composite Software has introduced Composite 6, a new version of its flagship data virtualization software that provides "big data" integration support for the Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH), IBM Netezza and HP Vertica data sources. In addition, Composite 6, which is now completing beta test and will be commercially available in July, includes performance optimizations, cache enhancements, new data governance capabilities and ease-of-use features.

According to the company, Composite 6 provides a standardized SQL approach to augment specialized MapReduce coding of Hadoop queries. This simplifies integration of Hadoop data thereby extending an organization's enterprise-wide information analysis and business insight capabilities to include this emerging "big data" source.

 The new release also further improves the data virtualization performance for IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances that Composite and Netezza initially delivered in 2010. The new software enables Netezza as a cache target, provides native support of all Netezza analytic functions during queries, and extends the unique "data ship join" optimization pioneered by Composite and Netezza to work heterogeneously with Oracle and Sybase IQ.

Composite 6 now fully supports Sybase IQ and HP Vertica access and federated query optimization, simplifying and accelerating enterprise-wide data virtualization of Sybase IQ and Vertica sources. The new functionality extends Composite's existing JDBC integration approach by adding intelligent use of source optimizers. Composite's PerformancePlus Adapters represent the widest set of optimized source adapters in the data virtualization market.

Composite 6 adds incremental and synchronized edge caching to enable timely refreshing and wide-area distribution of persisted data. These caching options-unique in the data virtualization market-allow global organizations to achieve sub-second access to fast changing, large data sets such as trades and financial reference data, anywhere in the world around the clock. Additional performance acceleration features enable the Composite 6 query engine to natively perform over 30 analytic functions as well as dynamically rearrange joins when querying star-schemas.

Composite 6 also includes multiple new data governance capabilities including more fine-grain usage and lineage data for better auditing and control; further automation of multi-source relationship discovery to accelerate data modeling; a complete data virtualization implementation methodology and supporting best practices to better govern data virtualization implementations.

"Data virtualization is emerging as an ideal solution for managing today's complex data integration challenges," says Jim Green, CEO for Composite Software. "Composite 6 further extends our position as the leading provider of production-ready, enterprise-scale, high performance data virtualization solutions in use by more than 200 organizations worldwide."