Composite Software Unveils Version 6.1 of its Data Virtualization Platform

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Composite Software has introduced version 6.1 of its Composite Data Virtualization Platform. The new release offers improved caching performance, expanded caching targets, data ship join for Teradata, and Hadoop MapReduce connectivity.  The new release also provides improvements to the data services development environment with an enhanced data services editor and new publishing options for Representational State Transfer (REST) and Open Data Protocol (OData) data services.

By automating development activities and simplifying others, Composite enables users across a range of skill levels, to rapidly deliver new data virtualization solutions.  Composite 6.1 is available immediately, and is a free upgrade for Composite installations.

With the 6.1 release, "Composite continues to push the envelope in terms of performance which is critical for the use of data virtualization for ever more complex and larger data sets," Robert Eve, executive vice president of marketing at Composite Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The new release also expands data virtualization to a broader set of use cases that are more services-oriented, says Eve. "It is really about expansion - making things easier, better, faster."

New performance and data services features in version 6.1 include:

Improved Cache Loading Performance - The new release improves the speed of cache loads and refreshes using native cache loading and parallel cache loading techniques.  This enables organizations to cache more data, more often and flexibly improve the timeliness of information delivery. For large data sets, the improvement in speed can range from 20% to 80%, says Eve.

Expanded Caching Targets - Greater caching target flexibility enables developers and administrators to optimize both query performance and operating costs. Composite 6.1 adds SQL Server 2008 and Netezza 6.0 as caching targets, in addition to IBM DB2 v8; Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005; MySQL 4.1, 5.0; Netezza 5.0; Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g; Sybase 12.5; and Teradata V12.

Hadoop MapReduce Connectivity - Enables MapReduce programs and developers to easily query Composite as a data source, on-demand with high performance.  Enterprises can extend MapReduce analyses beyond Hadoop stores to include diverse enterprise data managed by Composite.

Enhanced Data Services Editor - An all-in-one relational and data services development environment simplifies development of data services and/or mixed relational and data service objects, enabling high productivity development of data services.  According to Eve, a data service development environment was introduced by Composite 4 years ago. This new all-in-one environment reflects feedback from users as well as ensuing technology changes. "We have done some things to synthesize the existing capabilities that we had on the relational side with what we can provide on the data services side, so we have really re-engineered the whole development environment for that data service development community to improve productivity, simplify ease of use, and make it more consistent with the relational studio," he explains.

Robert Eve is author of "Data Virtualization: Going Beyond Traditional Data Integration to Achieve Business Agility."   

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