Compuverde Expands Network-Attached and Virtual Machine Storage Options

Compuverde’s flagship storage solution is now engineered to support “extreme” data storage requirements, encompassing both scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) and virtual machine (VM) environments, according to the vendor. The expanded solution set is designed to help organizations rapidly add thousands of virtual machines to the same cluster, potentially eliminating the difficulties associated building a new cluster to accommodate scale-out.

“Most storage solutions support either scale-out NAS or VMs, but not both,” said Stefan Bernbo, CEO of Compuverde. “This leaves service providers and major enterprises at a disadvantage when designing highly-flexible data center architectures. We engineered the Compuverde solution to support both scale-out VM and NAS, allowing users to scale rapidly using the infrastructure of their choice.”

NAS environments scale to exabytes of data, and linear scaling adds more nodes to a cluster while simultaneously boosting the capacity of each node, realizing substantial gains in ROI and performance.

Compuverde¹s software-defined storage solution eliminates the need for expensive hardware, the vendor said. The solution is intended to help enterprises take advantage of lower-energy, lower-cost commodity hardware without sacrificing speed.

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