Compuverde Introduces High Availability Storage Solution for Dual Data Centers

Compuverde, a provider of software-defined storage solutions, based in Sweden, has released its Metro cluster, a high-availability solution designed to tolerate the loss of an entire data center with zero downtime.

According to the company, Metro cluster solution is a resilient active-active setup that synchronizes data between two separated physical locations, providing complete protection not only for "simple" problems like disk, server or network failure, but also for "worst-case" scenarios such as complete data center failure.

Key aspects of the solution is that set-up involves no special hardware and only requires a low-latency connection, up to 5ms, allowing two data centers to be placed over the same LAN while removing the traditional overhead of installing fiber channel and other management connectivity, and data is synchronously mirrored and distributed to two independent physical locations to prevent application downtime. Active-active nodes ensure that there is no central orchestration, no complex infrastructure to set up and maintain and no single point of failure. The cluster is interconnected through a private, high-speed, low-latency network that deals with synchronization between the nodes while the public network delivers access for clients through any of the major protocols: SMB, NFS, iSCSI, Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift. Additionally, scaling is done by installing new nodes and adding them to the primary and secondary locations.

Industry research has found that unplanned data center outages cost companies nearly $9,000 per minute – not to mention damage to brand reputation, said Stefan Bernbo, CEO and founder, Compuverde, noting that the Metro cluster not only solves these challenges but also provides end users and MSPs with the reliability needed for protecting critical applications and data.

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