Compuware Acquires MVS Solutions to Extend Enterprise Customers’ Cross-Platform DevOps Capabilities

Compuware announced it has acquired MVS Solutions and its ThruPut Manager mainframe batch automation technology.

Compuware’s acquisition of MVS Solutions follows three acquisitions made in 2016: ISPW’s source code management (SCM) and deployment technology, Itegration’s SCM migration practice, and most recently COPE IMS virtualization technology from Standardware.

According to Compuware, batch processing accounts for the majority of peak mainframe workloads at large enterprises, providing essential back-end digital capabilities for customer-, employee- and partner-facing mobile, cloud and web applications. However, as demands on these back-end mainframe batch processes intensify in terms of scale and performance, enterprises are under increasing pressure to ensure compliance with SLAs and control costs.

The pressure on organizations is further escalating as the responsibility for batch management shifts from mainframe veterans with decades of experience to millennial operations staff members who are unfamiliar with batch management and with IBM z Systems management tools.

Compuware says that its newly-acquired ThruPut Manager solution helps address these challenges by optimizing the processing of batch jobs. According to Compuware, ThruPut Manager provides immediate, intuitive insight into batch processing that inexperienced operators can readily understand; makes it easier to prioritize batch processing based on business-based policies and goals; and helps ensure proper batch execution by verifying that jobs have all the resources they need and managing resource contention between jobs. In addition, the company says, it can help reduce customers’ IBM Monthly Licensing Charges (MLC) by minimizing rolling 4-hour average (R4HA) processing peaks without counter-productive “soft capping.”

In conjunction with Strobe, Compuware’s mainframe application performance management solution, ThruPut Manager also helps to optimize batch workload and application performance as part of routine mainframe DevOps tasks.

In conjunction with the MVS announcement, Compuware also announced Topaz for Total Test, which adds greater agility to mainframe application development by providing enterprise IT with unprecedented COBOL unit testing capabilities.

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