Compuware Adds Mainframe Web Interface, Machine-Learning Tool

Compuware released a new web interface and mainframe machine-learning tool intended to boost mainframe productivity.

Compuware’s latest release of ThruPut Manager, a web interface, helps provide mainframe staff with visually intuitive insight into how batch jobs are being initiated and executed, as well as the impact of those jobs on mainframe software licensing costs.

ThruPut Manager is designed to enable enterprises to better safeguard performance of both batch and non-batch applications, while avoiding the significant adverse economic impact of preventable spikes in utilization as measured by Rolling 4-Hour Averages (R4HA), the metric upon which IBM bases its software licensing fees.

ThruPut Manager will also help enterprises transfer batch management responsibilities to a new generation of IT staff with far less hands-on platform experience, without exposing themselves to related risks such as missed batch execution deadlines, missed service level agreements and excess costs.

Compuware also announced a product that uses machine learning to continuously measure and improve an organization’s mainframe DevOps processes and development outcomes. zAdviser measures application quality, development velocity, and the efficiency of a development team—empowering enterprise IT leaders to make evidence-based decisions in support of their continuous improvement efforts.

This innovation is of vital importance to large enterprises that must get maximum business value from their mainframe environments—which are doing double-duty as both self-contained core systems of record, and as powerful back-end data and transaction processing systems for front-end customer-facing web and mobile applications.

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