Compuware Announces $1 Million Mainframe Optimization Award

Compuware Corporation, a provider of technology performance solutions, announced that American Express won the $1 million grand prize in its "Mainframe Cost Savings Program." Participants in the program were offered a free cost-savings assessment, which identified current opportunities and provided a roadmap for future operational cost-savings for the mainframe.

American Express took the top spot in the program based on a description of the impressive savings the organization is achieving through the use of Compuware Mainframe Solutions. "At American Express, we are focused on driving growth, driving efficiency and delivering superior service," says Matthew Robinson, senior vice president of American Express Company. "The more efficiently we operate, the more savings we have to invest in growth opportunities."

In addition to the cost savings assessment, participating customers were asked to submit brief summaries explaining how Compuware Mainframe Solutions enable them to solve problems and save money. The most compelling story, as determined by a panel of judges, earned American Express the $1 million grand prize. The submitted stories were presented to the judges without the name of the participating
organizations attached to give each company an equal chance at the grand prize.

More information on Compuware's Mainframe Cost Savings Program is at the Compuware website.