Compuware Announces Cloud-Based Application Performance Management Solution

Compuware Corporation has announced a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based application performance management (APM) solution that provides visibility from what it calls the "first mile" (the data center) to the "last mile" (the end user). Compuware's Gomez First Mile, together with Gomez outside-in monitoring, is intended to enable organizations whose businesses depend on web applications to quickly assess the business impact of a problem.

"The kinds of problems we are trying to solve are really very simple," Imad Mouline, CTO of Gomez, the Web Performance division of Compuware, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We want to give people complete visibility into any issues that might be happening with their application, no matter where those issues are occurring - whether from inside a data center, the internet, a supplier or third-party provider, or whether the issue with the application is happening at the level of the end user's browser or device. Those are usually the four different areas that can impact the end user experience for the application performance," he says.

Gomez First Mile is part of Compuware's Fall 2010 APM release, which includes new versions of the Gomez and Vantage product lines. The two lines are further unified through a new "First Mile to Last Mile" operations dashboard that blends diagnostics and metrics from both product lines to determine if a web performance issue originates from the data center, the Internet, a third-party provider, or a user's browser or mobile device.

"This product allows you to quickly understand whether you have a problem, and what the impact of that problem is from a business perspective," says Mouline. "It allows you to understand where that problem is, and then if it is necessary, actually drill down until you find the root cause, all within a single product, single dashboard. It is very quick to set up, with quick time to value," he says.

In addition to First Mile, the Gomez Fall Release also includes cross-browser automated image analysis; and expansion of the Gomez multi-browser agent family.
Additionally, the Gomez recorder can now be used to record scripts for active monitoring, mobile monitoring, and load testing, thereby reducing training and operational costs.

New functionality has also been added in the Compuware Vantage 11.5, release which helps businesses to realize the value of technologies such as virtualization and WAN optimization, and Java/.Net application architectures by managing them as part of unified application performance solution.

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