Compuware Enhances Mainframe Application Performance Measurement Tool

Compuware Corporation has made enhancements to Compuware Strobe, a mainframe application performance measurement and analysis solution that is a key component of Compuware APM for Mainframe. The new release takes Strobe in a new direction “to build the next generation of APM [application performance management] on z/OS,” said Craig Hodgins, product manager for Strobe and iStrobe.

Supporting the needs of inexperienced or new users, iStro

Addressing the Mainframe Skills Shortage

be provides a new interface that makes it easier for them to navigate and is more intuitive. “With the new normal of mainframe, a lot of people are retiring and the new users coming in to do APM don't have the experience and don't want to use an ISPF [interactive structured programming facility] green screen.”

This new interface enables users to submit measurement requests using a graphical user interface, without using ISPF. Users can view the status of all measurements and profiles in one display. They can also sort, filter and tag the data to improve productivity.

The new release also provides improved DB2 reporting. Over the last few releases, Strobe has introduced statistics that are critical to a DBA's work for resolving performance issues, said Hodgins. “We like to think of it as one-stop shopping,” said Hodgins. “What we try to do with iStrobe is get it all together in one report so a DBA just has to look in one spot.” Statistics provided include runtime statistics, real-time statistics, and the number of GET PAGEs.

SQL Analysis On Demand Provides DB2 Insight

The new release provides a feature called SQL analysis on demand, which goes against a customer's DB2 catalog and highlights critical issues and provides advice.

Users can request an SQL analysis report on demand, without having to take a Strobe measurement. DB2 reports will now indicate the maximum CPU and elapsed times for local SQL statements, as well as the DB2 buffer pool hit ratio. Along with existing iStrobe DB2 reports, having this critical information available in one report makes it easier for DBAs to resolve performance issues quickly.

Strobe Advisor also automatically highlights the largest performance opportunities and provides recommendations on how to resolve problems. Strobe Advisor now includes information on CICS, IMS and Language Environment (LE) performance issues.

Easier for Inexperienced Users to Resolve Mainframe Performance Issues

Previously, so much data was provided that users didn't know where to start, so the enhanced Strobe Advisor goes through the information and shows the answers up-front, helping users without a lot of experience get resolve issues quickly, said Hodgins. “We are putting the smarts of our experts into the software itself.”

More information on the new release is available here