Compuware Gomez Releases Web Performance Monitoring Tool

Gomez, Compuware Corporation's web performance monitoring software division, has released a new product, Gomez Active Data Center. Active Data Center connects Gomez's end-user web performance monitoring software tools with "behind-the-firewall" infrastructure monitoring systems to provide an integrated view of application performance and IT service delivery across the enterprise and the internet.

By aggregating Gomez web application performance alerts with internal systems events, IT operations teams can more quickly identify internal systems causing business-impacting web application performance issues, Imad Mouline, CTO of Gomez, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Diagnosing website performance problems requires technical support people to determine if the problems are being caused by external factors, internal factors, or a combination of both, he explains.

Mouline notes that external factors include problems with the Internet itself, the website content delivery system, or the website browser. Gomez has always had these categories well covered, Mouline says, with over 100 data centers worldwide monitoring internet networks, and with over 100,000 computer locations with software agents monitoring the performance of local websites.

Internal factors require root cause analysis of problems occurring within corporate data centers themselves. This is where the new Active Data Center (ADC) product release is intended to help. With ADC, IT teams can isolate the specific systems causing the problem via a two-way exchange of data between their Gomez web performance management software and IT systems management tools, the vendor says. The systems management tools send a steady stream of events to the Gomez software, which then looks for correlations between these events and problems occurring on the external websites.

Gomez Active Data Center is a software-as-a-service based solution built on an open integration framework that integrates with IT management software from CA, HP, IBM, Nagios, and others. Gomez Active Data Center helps businesses triage and resolve web application performance issues more efficiently by connecting end users' experiences with behind-the-firewall events.

Compuware completed the acquisition of Gomez earlier this month. For more information, go here.