Compuware Helps Monitor SAP NetWeaver-Based Application Performance

Compuware’s flagship application performance management (APM) tool has achieved certified integration with the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. Through this integration, Compuware APM 12.0 helps improve an organization's ability to monitor system performance on SAP applications. 

The integration with SAP NetWeaver enables customers and service providers to identify the true fault domain for performance issues across the entire application delivery chain. 

“The most complex and expensive SAP integrations tend to be ERP,” Kieran Taylor, director of product marketing for Compuware APM, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “That is where there is immediate need for advanced application monitoring to reduce mean time to repair.”

The Compuware APM solution is not confined to ERP, Taylor adds. “It will work in any NetWeaver environment whether it is a fat-client, web-client or a hybrid. While ERP is a sweet spot due to its complexity, any SAP installation benefits from broader visibility that expedites fault domain isolation.”

The SAP Integration and CertificationCenter (SAP ICC) has certified that Compuware APM 12.0 integrates with SAP NetWeaver 7.01 and demonstrates capabilities of monitoring system performance and metrics. By integrating with SAP NetWeaver, Compuware APM enables customers to take advantage of its monitoring capabilities across the entire application delivery chain.

This is particularly key across complex SAP environments, Taylor points out. “Any SAP implementation consists of the core SAP applications, their enabling technology infrastructure, and both third-party integrations and custom-developed applications,” she says. “This multi-tier application delivery chain introduces multiple potential points of failure beyond the SAP application itself. The monitoring challenge is that since SAP transactions are proprietary, it has been impossible to extract key information that IT needs to correlate a specific transaction or user to the many infrastructure components supporting it. With Compuware APM, the SAP user and transactions are easily identified with an ability to drill down to the root-cause of a slowdown, be it back-end database calls, network infrastructure or the front end web tier.”

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