Compuware Mainframe DevOps Integrations Automate Shift-Left Testing

Compuware, a BMC company and provider of software for mainframe DevOps, has added new capabilities that further automate and integrate test data and test case execution, empowering IT teams to achieve high-performance application development quality, velocity and efficiency.

The new integration tightly couples the Topaz for Enterprise Data solution with the Topaz for Total Test solution enabling test data set-up to be directly embedded into automated testing. By further automating shift-left testing—testing earlier in the software development process to detect and prevent flaws when they are easier and less expensive to fix—teams can ensure test data consistency, accuracy, and security.

The Topaz for Total Test and Topaz for Enterprise Data integration allows teams to:

Improve test consistency. Continuous automated testing requires consistent test data. Improper test data can lead to inconsistent or incorrect test results, wasted time troubleshooting errors, or worse, the introduction of bugs. With the new integration, teams can ensure test consistency is maintained by calling the data load process as part of the test case and automatically loading a subset of data into a test environment. In the event the test fails, developers and testers can confidently tie the problem to the code and not the data.

Remove friction and empower developers. Developers often rely on a specialized team or database administrator to build and load data into a test environment—a practice rife with manual processes, wait times and handoffs that put an unnecessary drag on velocity and efficiency. Now, developers themselves can setup and access the right test data when they need it.

Ensure adoption through continuous testing. A repeatable data extract and load process can be part of an automated testing toolchain, driving data consistency and reducing complexity. And, as an aid to nudging developers’ transition away from manual methods, automation can be set up incrementally to properly manage the scale and pace of adoption.

Protect sensitive data. With this integrated process, once the test data is loaded, it can also be privatized to protect personally identifiable information (PII). Automating the privatization as part of the continuous test reduces the risk of a security breach.

“High-performance organizations in the age of software are maniacally focused on removing software delivery bottlenecks that waste precious development time, money and energy,” said Chris O’Malley, CEO of Compuware. “Driving intrinsic automation throughout a mainframe-inclusive DevOps pipeline frees up these development resources so teams can focus 100 percent on quickly—and continuously—turning ideas that matter to their always wonderfully, beautifully dissatisfied customers into deliverables that make a difference. This is no longer an IT aspiration. It’s an absolute business imperative to effectively compete for both your current and potential customers.”

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