Compuware Opens Up Mainframe Source Code Management and Release Automation to APIs

Compuware has unveiled new REST APIs for ISPW, the source code management and release automation solution that it acquired in January 2016. The new APIs are designed to help enable enterprises to integrate their numerous other mainframe and non-mainframe DevOps tools with ISPW to create their own custom cross-platform DevOps toolchains.

The new APIs are intended to provide integrations for automating end-to-end build-and-deploy processes across heterogeneous/best-of-breed DevOps toolchains. They enable ISPW users to create, promote, deploy and check the status of code releases from third-party solutions running on both mainframe and non-mainframe platforms. These integrations are especially important for DevOps teams seeking to achieve continuous delivery capabilities in multi-platform enterprise environments.

The APIs are architected as REST web services, and no expertise in specialized mainframe technologies is required, according to a statement from Compuware.

Introduction of these APIs follows on the heels of Compuware’s acquisition of ISPW technology, integration of ISPW with Compuware’s Topaz Workbench mainframe development environment in April, and the release of ISPW Deploy—an advanced release automation solution for IBM z/OS environments built on ISPW technology—in July. This relentless quarterly pace of customer-driven innovation is unprecedented in the mainframe market.

“Enterprise IT leaders desperately want to transform the way they do software development, testing, promotion and ongoing management on their mainframes, but their incumbent vendors have almost universally chosen to abandon much-needed product innovation—and to instead exploit their captive customer bases for maximum profit,” said Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley.

Compuware also announced several new enhancements to its Topaz Workbench IDE for mainframe DevOps. Some of those enhancements further simplify mainframe DevOps in order to enable less mainframe-literate developers to perform routine mainframe-related tasks without having to master the intricacies of IBM’s native TSO/ISPF tools for the z/OS platform.

The vendor also announced integration of Compuware Abend-AID and Syncsort Ironstream to help enterprises get better insight into their mainframe development, test and ops issues through analytics and new SEA JCLplus+ Remote and $AVRS plug-ins for Topaz that make it easier for mainframe experts and novices alike to manage batch processing and output-related tasks.

Compuware also announced it is acquiring Itegration's Mainframe Mainframe SCM Practice. This acquisition will enable Compuware customers to more easily and confidently migrate their SCM systems from Agile-averse products such as CA Endevor, CA Panvalet, CA Librarian and Micro Focus/Serena ChangeMan—as well as internally developed SCM systems—to ISPW, Compuware’s Agile and DevOps-enabling cross-platform SCM solution.

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