Compuware Publishes Free Application Performance Almanac

Compuware Corporation is making available the 2012 issue of its Application Performance Almanac, which provides 400 pages of in-depth guidance and actionable information on how to leverage application performance management (APM) solutions to help organizations optimize performance across production, test and development environments.

The 2012 Issue of the Compuware dynaTrace Application Performance Almanac is available as a free resource and covers topics that range from technical implementation to conceptual areas of performance management, around six key themes - Web Performance Optimization / AJAX; Cloud/NoSQL/Big Data; Production/DevOps; Mobile; Automation/Continuous Integration / Test; and Performance Tuning for Java and .NET.

The guide is expected to be of interest to anyone concerned about performance in production, test or development, says Alois Reitbauer, dynaTrace Technology Strategist. "When combined with our 2011 Issue, the dynaTrace Application Performance Almanac series provides over 100 articles of APM information."

Popular articles include: "Why Performance Management is Easier in Public Than On-Premise Clouds," "Testing and Optimizing Single Page Web 2.0/AJAX Applications - Why Best Practices Alone Don't Work Anymore" and "How Garbage Collection Differs in the Three Big JVMs." 

The dynaTrace Application Performance Almanac Issue 2012 is available for download at

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