Compuware Ramps Up Mainframe DevOps Support

Compuware has announced support for CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise to help large enterprises streamline DevOps on their mainframes and orchestrate DevOps across all platforms. In addition, the company said it has made Topaz, its flagship solution for mainframe Agile and DevOps, available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With cloud access to modern mainframe development, enterprises have the option to more quickly deploy agile tools for COBOL and other core codebases.

Compuware Topaz of Total Test automates and simplifies unit testing for COBOL applications. Integration of Topaz for Total Test with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise helps enable continuous testing of new development work on these applications—which is an essential best practice for safeguarding COBOL code quality, even as enterprises accelerate the pace of mainframe application updates.

The CloudBees implementation of Jenkins, the leading open source automation server, is especially suitable for Compuware’s mainframe customer base, since it enhances the most trusted and widely-adopted continuous delivery platform with enterprise-class security, scalability, manageability and support.

“The global businesses that are modernizing their mainframe DevOps with Topaz and ISPW are the same ones relying on CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise for a continuous delivery platform that can drive enterprise-wide DevOps,” says Brad Johnson, vice president of product marketing, CloudBees. “That’s why Compuware’s integration with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise makes so much sense—we enable our mutual customers to transform and evolve their mainframe-based DevOps initiatives.”

In addition, through Topaz on AWS, which leverages Amazon AppStream 2.0 technology, enterprises can provide global development, test and ops teams with immediate and secure cloud access to Compuware’s entire innovative mainframe Agile/DevOps solution stack. Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed, secure application streaming service that allows users to stream desktop applications from AWS to any device running a web browser.

With the option of cloud-based deployment of Topaz using AWS, there are many benefits—including faster implementation, simple administration, a virtual integrated development environment (IDE), adaptive capacity, and immediate developer access to software updates. 

“Large enterprises cannot survive if they complacently accept the mainframe status quo,” said Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley. “By leveraging the cloud to bring Agile and DevOps to their core COBOL apps, large enterprises can more quickly and easily adapt the mainframe and continue reaping its full benefits as the most powerful, secure, cost-efficient and adaptive systems of record platform in the universe for executing application logic, running high-performance databases and processing financial transactions.”

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