Compuware Ramps up Mainframe Testing Offerings through Acquisitions, Partnerships

Compuware has announced a product acquisition, enhancements to Topaz for Total Test, and a partnership that together are intended to improve the ability of large enterprises to embrace Agile and DevOps on their mainframes through the broader use of simplified, automated unit testing.

The company acquired XaTester from Xact Consulting A/S. XaTester is designed to enable developers to create unit tests for both batch and CICS-based programs written in COBOL, PL/I and Assembler.

Compuware also has enhanced Topaz for Total Test to provide automated unit testing for IMS batch and transactional applications. These enhancements complement Topaz for Total Test’s existing support for batch applications written in COBOL—as well as its integration with leading cross-platform DevOps tools such as Jenkins, SonarSource SonarQube and Compuware ISPW.

Compuware is also partnering with Parasoft, a provider of end-to-end test automation for software development. The first deliverable for the partnership is integration between Parasoft SOAtest and Topaz for Total Test. This integration enables developers working on mainframe applications to test API calls between mainframe and non-mainframe systems.

“REST and SOAP APIs provide the backbone of today’s business-critical applications, especially when these services are used to access the power of the mainframe.” said Parasoft VP of Products, Mark Lambert. “Test automation at the API layer is essential to delivering high quality at the speed of Agile and the Parasoft SOAtest plugin for Topaz brings API test automation directly to the mainframe developer, helping ensure the delivery of reliable, scalable and secure services.”

Topaz for Total Test provides developers the same type of unit testing capabilities—considered a fundamental requirement for software development—on the mainframe they’ve become accustomed to on other platforms.

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