Compuware Releases Mainframe Visualization Solution

Compuware has added richer visualization to ISPW, its mainframe source code management and release automation solution, and to Topaz, its mainframe developer solution. 

Key capabilities released by Compuware include source code management dependency visualization. Compuware’s recently acquired ISPW SCM solution includes visualization capabilities that enable developers to view code changes they are working on, and how the changes relate to the rest of the mainframe environment.

“As an ever-growing number of non-mainframe applications make an ever-growing number of calls to the mainframe, the agility of large enterprises increasingly depends on their ability to quickly, safely, and efficiently modify mainframe code,” said Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley.

Compuware has integrated ISPW SCM with Topaz for Program Analysis so developers can rapidly visualize complex application logic, quickly size up compile errors, and perform other useful program analysis tasks.

In addition, a new mobile interface enables DevOps managers to respond immediately to alerts when code changes are ready for approval. This anytime or anywhere mobile management eliminates a common cause of code-promotion delays in the mainframe world.

Compuware’s enhanced visualization of data relationships also provides capabilities for companies seeking to streamline compliance with the European Union’s “Right to Be Forgotten” mandates.

Topaz mainframe visualizations enable enterprises to improve their digital agility, better leverage their mainframe investments, and survive the attrition of their mainframe SMEs.

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