Compuware Upgrades Mainframe Management Tool

Compuware Corporation, a mainframe software company, has released what it describes as a “substantial upgrade” to Topaz, its development-and-operations suite that empowers customers to get maximum value from their IBM z Systems environments.

The new release features the debut of Topaz for Java Performance, which is designed to deliver visibility into the performance and behavior of Java Batch programs and WebSphere transactions running on the mainframe—including peak CPU utilization of specific Java methods and classes; “garbage collection” issues such as memory leaks and excessively long collection intervals; and threads that are blocked or not actually doing useful work.

By providing these capabilities, Topaz for Java Performance gives mainframe owners the confidence to more aggressively pursue the benefits of running Java on IBM z Systems, which include the wealth of existing Java programming expertise, lower costs through the use of IBM’s specialty processors, easier connectivity of applications across platforms, and the running of Java application code. 

The new release of Topaz also delivers two additional capabilities that enhance customers’ ability to get maximum value from their mainframes.

Topaz for Program Analysis now gives developers intuitive, accurate visibility into the flow of data within their COBOL or PL/l applications—including how data gets into that field; how that field is used to set other fields; and how that field is used in comparisons. This “data flow” feature helps developers make better, smarter decisions about application design. It is especially useful for younger developers who may not have a wealth of hands-on experience with IBM z Systems technology.

Topaz for Enterprise Data provides high-speed, compression-enabled host-to-host data copying that exploits IBM z Systems zIIP processors, thus reducing the burden on its general processors. This fast, efficient copying enables developers to complete their work more quickly at less cost.

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