Compuware Upgrades Topaz to Bring Mainframes to Millennials

Compuware Corporation, a mainframe-dedicated software company, has released what it calls a “significant” upgrade to Topaz. The solution is targeted at IT organizations that need to run IBM z Systems environments as experienced mainframers retire and a new generation of developers, data architects and QA professionals take their place.

Topaz’s new Program Analysis intelligently analyzes mainframe programs and presents the results of that analysis in a visually intuitive manner. This visual analysis empowers both mainframe-inexperienced and mainframe-experienced IT professionals to readily and accurately understand COBOL and PL/l application logic and logical dependencies, even for applications with which they are not familiar and/or which are not well-documented. The new release also is intended to help IT professionals to identify problems such as undefined fields, range violations and dead code—then correct them before compiling.

Topaz’s productivity-enhancing program visualization capabilities are in addition to the data visualization capabilities provided in its initial release. Combined, this data and program visualization empowers IT professionals of all skill levels to better understand and work with all types of applications—regardless of their familiarity with any underlying data formats, computing platforms or programming languages.

Topaz provides its code visualization, data visualization and collaboration capabilities within the familiar look-and-feel of the Eclipse IDE. 

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