Compuware and SonarSource Add COBOL Testing to DevOps

Compuware has teamed with SonarSource to integrate accurate COBOL test coverage reporting into the automated QA processes they already use to support DevOps and continuous delivery. The companies released new integrations intended to empower enterprise DevOps teams to accurately track and validate code coverage of COBOL application testing.

Code coverage metrics provide insight into the degree to which source code is executed during a test—that is, which lines of code have or have not been executed, and what percentage of an application has or has not been tested. These measurements allow IT teams to understand the scope and effectiveness of their testing as code is promoted towards production.

The new integrations automatically feed code coverage results captured by Compuware Topaz for Total Test into SonarSource SonarQube—a continuous code quality solution designed to give DevOps teams an accurate, unified view of quality metrics and milestones across platforms.

Integration between Topaz for Total Test and SonarQube now enables DevOps teams to gain insight into the coverage of code being promoted for all application components across all platforms, as well as improve the rigor of digital governance with strong enforcement of mainframe QA policies for coding errors, data leakage, and credential vulnerabilities.

"It is great that Compuware continues to develop a complete DevOps toolchain for COBOL. Adding code coverage is a major achievement and I am very happy this is happening,” said Olivier Gaudin, CEO of SonarSource. “Our partnership with Compuware enhances the ability of large enterprises to bring their mainframes into their cross-platform DevOps processes while still rigorously ensuring the quality of their core enterprise applications.” 

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