Concurrent Driven 2.0 Enables App Performance Management Across Hadoop and Spark

Concurrent is releasing the next version of its Driven platform, enabling application performance monitoring and management across heterogeneous Hadoop and Spark environments within a single, comprehensive solution.

Driven 2.0 aims to ensure the highest fidelity and richest detail for application performance monitoring, troubleshooting, dependency tracking and service-level adherence of Apache Hive, MapReduce, Cascading, Scalding and, with the newest update, Spark applications.

Key features of Driven 2.0 include support for Apache Spark, redesigned application analytics and custom views, and deeper search capabilities.

“With the additional chaos and frameworks we took a hard look at our user interface and we redesigned some of the analytics as well as the views so it will be a lot easier for the different users and personas to segment the data and find the views they care about,” said Gary Nakamura, CEO of Concurrent.

All current users and enterprises that use Spark will benefit from Driven 2.0, according to Nakamura. Users can also relay feedback as to what they are looking for while doing analytics with their big data.

The future goal for the platform is to be able to monitor the whole work flow data process from end to end, Nakmura said.

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