Confio Introduces Ignite 8.2 with Enhanced Features for Sybase

Confio Software has introduced its Ignite 8.2 database performance software. The rapidly-growing company based in Boulder, Colo., has tripled in size during the past 3 years, delivering tools that identify, pinpoint and resolve pain points in Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 databases, under the theme of  "Keep it simple and get to the problem in four clicks."

The new version of Ignite 8.2 includes enhanced features offering expanded support for Sybase; Oracle Exadata, RAC and ASM; as well as for SQL Server. In general, the Confio approach has been to focus attention on exceptions via a dashboard that highlights increasing user "wait time" - or how long users are waiting on a query.

Ignite 8.2 provides custom monitoring charts for Ignite users across all database types to make it easier to track any resource or business process metric accessible through a SQL query. This flexibility is intended to make it easy for DBAs to watch highly customized parameters on an ongoing basis, all from Ignite's graphical interface.

Sybase users now have new statistics and execution charts from Ignite; and SQL Server DBAs are expected to benefit from enhanced advice on resolving problems, as well as graphical analysis of execution plans and dashboard enhancements that prioritize exceptions that as they change. For the Oracle Exadata, RAC and ASM user, the monitoring features offered in Ignite 8.2 are completely new and deliver new tools that manage these high performance Oracle options.

And, for Sybase, VMware, DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server, Ignite 8.2 also offers new multi-byte character support which the company says is essential for the rapidly growing markets in China, Korea, and Japan.

 "DBAs are managing more instances and need a tool that first tells them where to focus attention. Ignite 8.2 then gets right to the root cause of the problem and speed of resolution is what it is all about with Ignite," says Don Bergal, the chief marketing officer for Confio.

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