Confio Software Approved for Use in U.S. Defense Department Installations

Confio Software, which offers the Ignite line of database performance monitoring tools, has secured the Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the United States Department of Defense. Confio's CoN applies to all Ignite solutions for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, VMware, DB2 and Sybase. 

The CoN program is designed to sustain the health of the Army Information Enterprise Infrastructure by managing the risks associated with implementing technology within the infrastructure. The program focuses on identification, measurement, control, and minimization of security risks and impacts in designated IT systems. The certificate ensures that Confio's flagship software Ignite meets the highest levels of security and enables U.S. Army database administrators and developers to feel confident implementing Ignite in their IT environments.

Although the CoN is specific to the military, Confio says the security behind Ignite is the same for all customers, so those in other industries can also have the assurance that Ignite will meet or exceed all their security needs.

"Earning this certificate means that Confio is one of the few vendors in the database performance management space that can run in hyper-secure networks like DoD and military environments,” Don Bergal, chief marketing officer, Confio, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “For customers, it means they can rest assured that Confio has already completed the rigorous testing required to meet these security requirements."

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