Confio Software's Ignite 8 Gains Momentum Within Oracle DBA Community

Just 6 months after launching Ignite 8, Confio Software's newest release of its performance analysis tool, the company has announced that nearly 90% of Confio's Oracle customer base has upgraded to Ignite 8 representing over 10,000 monitored Oracle instances worldwide.

"DBAs are busy people and they won't upgrade unless there is really something of value there, so the fact that they have really jumped on the new release is because they saw it and they said, this is something we absolutely want to do," Don Bergal, chief operating officer at Confio, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Showcased at Oracle OpenWorld last week, Ignite 8 was designed to give DBAs a complete picture of their Oracle performance issues and prioritize steps for resolution.

The release represents the largest increase in features Confio has had with any of the Ignite products. "Ignite is all about response time and that is the core of what we do, but a couple of things that we added really hit the spot," says Bergal.

One of the key new features of Ignite 8 is the ability to correlate response time information with the system health information so users get not just an understanding of who was waiting on the database but also tie that to the system performance of the server and the database they were looking at. "In common terms, that means how much time is a query taking and does that correlate with a spike in CPU or memory utilization."

The new release also added real-time capabilities, notes Bergal. In the past, Ignite could be used for trend analysis, but it could not be used for acute resolutions with something that was happening in real time, Bergal says. With Ignite 8, he says, Confio brought the time scale down to one second so that users could see what was happening on a second by second basis, and that has opened it up for a new class of problem-solving such as scenarios in which people were at a help desk and they had to be responding instantly to their customer base. "Of course, that is what Ignite is all about; it is helping the DBAs be responsive to their customers because that is how they keep their jobs and how they deliver value," says Bergal.

More information about Confio Ignite 8 is available from Confio Software.