Confluent Boosts Streaming Event Platform with Security Capabilities

Confluent, Inc., an event streaming platform provider, is releasing Confluent Platform 5.4, helping organizations make event streaming the central nervous system of their business.

“What we see is enterprises want to transition from companies that are characterized by manual batch processes and become organizations that are agile and respond to what’s happening in the business at the present moment,” said Praveen Rangnath, senior director of product marketing, Confluent. “What they’re realizing that it’s not about historical analysis but much more about harnessing the value about all the events that are happening in the business in the present moment.”

With Confluent Platform 5.4, organizations now have the security, resilience, and storage they need to extend what’s possible with their event streaming platform for their business and customers.

“Our enterprise customers are telling us that as they’re leveraging event streaming and Apache Kafka there’s certain crucial enterprise features they need,” Rangnath said. “They need these features to make event streaming an enterprise standard.”

To reduce the complexity of securing and deploying event streaming for any company, Confluent is delivering the following enhancements in Confluent Platform 5.4:

  • Enterprise-Grade Security for Accessing Critical Resources Across Multiple Teams
  • Role-Based Access Control: Platform-Wide Security with Fine-Tuned Granularity
  • Structured Audit Logs: Security Traceability and Regulatory Compliance
  • Fully Automated Disaster Recovery to Improve Reliability
  • Multi-Region Clusters: Disaster Recovery and Multi-Site Deployments for Kafka
  • Greater Control Over Data Quality to Increase Reliability of Entire Kafka Ecosystem
  • Schema Validation: Centralized Way to Control Data Compatibility
  • Object Storage Offload to Unlock Limitless Data Retention
  • Tiered Storage: Infinite Data Retention and Increased Elasticity

“We provided a data platform that allows customers to harness the value of all of their events in real time so they can build innovative customer experiences and deliver massive internal efficiencies,” said Rangnath.

These enhanced features will benefit all enterprise customers across every industry, noted Rangnath.

Looking ahead to the future the company will continue to offer additional security, resiliency, and ease of use updates, he said.

“We think this is a significant step in carving a path to enterprises using the Confluent platform as their enterprise standard,” Rangnath said.

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