Confluent Boosts its Streaming Data Solution

Confluent is releasing an updated version of its streaming data platform, making Kafka easier to understand and deploy.

Confluent 3.0 includes the latest version of Kafka with critical bug fixes along with a variety of extensions to connect to the Kafka platform.

The update features a set of certified and tested connectors that help ingest data into Kafka at scale and in real-time, has fully-featured C and Python clients, as well as a REST proxy that enables producing and consuming messages from applications built in any language, and offers Schema Registry; a serving layer for metadata.

Additionally, Confluent 3.0 introduces the Control Center, a web-based tool for comprehensive management and monitoring of Apache Kafka.

The Control Center features the ability to configure, edit, and manage connectors on Kafka Connect and end-to-end stream monitoring for measuring and monitoring data streams.

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