Confluent Cloud is Now Available on Google Cloud Platform

Confluent, a provider of a streaming platform based on Apache Kafka, has formed a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to make Confluent Cloud available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for mission-critical use cases, including event-driven applications, machine learning for advanced analytics and hybrid cloud data pipelines.

According to Confluent, by using a fully-managed streaming data service on GCP, customers can offload the operating burden of Apache Kafka and stream data at scale, in real time, to Google Cloud services including BigQuery and Cloud Machine Learning Engine. This enables enterprises and developers to focus on generating faster and better business insights instead of managing infrastructure.

Confluent Cloud on Google Cloud Platform combines Confluent Cloud streaming services with Google Cloud solutions including Cloud Functions, App Engine and Kubernetes.  The partnership enables Kafka developers to start building applications on Google Cloud in minutes, without the operational burden of managing Kafka clusters. It also enables the building of a real-time data pipeline between data centers and Google Cloud, and accelerates multi-cloud adoption by making data reliably available across any cloud. Supporting analysis of data analysis at massive scale, Confluent Cloud can be used to stream data at scale and in real time to Google Cloud’s solutions, including Google BigQuery and Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

In addition to the partnership with Google, Confluent now has two subscription options available: Confluent Cloud Enterprise – a subscription to the streaming data service for all applications, from development to production; and Confluent Cloud Professional—a subscription to the streaming data service to meet the needs of projects under development, smaller organizations and applications.

Confluent Cloud Professional is in Limited Availability on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services today. Pricing is on an hourly basis with no upfront or long-term commitment.

Confluent Cloud Enterprise is in Limited Availability on Google Cloud and General Availability on Amazon Web Services.

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