Confluent Continues In-Depth Support of Kafka with New Resources for Developers

Confluent is rolling out an all-new website dedicated to Apache Kafka, event streaming, and associated cloud technologies.

The site is called Confluent Developer and compiles all the information users need in one place, from first steps in event streaming right through to more complex topics including: microservice architectures, data pipelines, and company-wide systems for data in motion.

The site includes a comprehensive selection of courses—each completely free, such as:

  • Kafka 101
  • Connect 101
  • Kafka Streams 101
  • ksqlDB 101
  • Inside ksqlDB
  • Spring Framework and Apache Kafka
  • Building Data Pipelines
  • Event Sourcing and Event Storage in Apache Kafka
  • Data Mesh 101

The courses span various learning styles, with video, written learning materials, and hands-on exercises.

Kafka has clients for most programming languages, but it wasn’t always easy to get started, according to Confluent.

Confluent Developer includes getting-started guides tailored to some of the most popular languages, including Java, Python, Go, REST, .NET, NodeJS, and C/C++. These guides take users through the step-by-step process of building an application with Kafka and the language of their choice in an easily accessible and idiomatic way.

Kafka’s internals have many moving parts spanning network, I/O, replication, and persistence. Confluent Developer ships with two unique, interactive diagrams that help you understand how these different modules fit together, measure their performance and tune their configuration, providing a solid mental model for how the system works under the hood.

According to the vendor, there is a vast amount of information on the site, and there will be additional course over the coming releases.

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