Confluent Delivers Massive Update to its Data Streaming Platform

Confluent, the data streaming provider, is unveiling a series of improvements to Confluent Cloud, varying from a new Message Browser to private networking capabilities, global search optimization, and more. These updates follow Confluent’s recent achievement as a leader in streaming data platforms by Forrester, marking the company’s ongoing momentum in providing its customers with the best possible data streaming experience, according to Confluent.

“This quarter, our updates to Confluent Cloud focus on enabling our customers to realize a seamless experience while using our data streaming platform,” said Nitin Muddana, senior product marketing manager at Confluent. “With these improvements, we aim to provide our users a more streamlined and secure experience, allowing them to focus on what matters most: leveraging real-time data to drive business outcomes.”

Diving into the company’s latest updates, the launch of the Confluent Cloud Message Browser aims to create a seamless and intuitive way for users to search, sort, and view messages across several partitions. Paired with a refreshed UI, Message Browser can filter messages by topic, timestamp, or text-search. The capability also offers message metrics, including production rate, consumption rate, and total messages in a topic.

Confluent now also offers Resource Management Access for private networking, which builds on Confluent Cloud’s private networking feature. Now, users operating with private network clusters can read topics from the Confluent Cloud user interface, delivering a variety of insights to Confluent Cloud customers—such as topic metadata, consumer lags, Schema Registry, and Stream Lineage.

Regarding performance, Confluent is introducing Global Search Optimization, which improves search time delivery by 15x, as well as enhances UI performance.

Atop this range of enhancements, Confluent is introducing a variety of connector updates, featuring the extension of its global data streaming ecosystem to meet developers where they are in their workflows, according to the company.

Confluent has added support for API, CLI, and Schema Registry, offering advancements for custom connector lifecycle management and data streaming quality. Additionally, Confluent is releasing updates to its Google BigQuery V2 Sink Connector—designed to support OAuth 2.0—as well as introducing schema contexts for connectors—which offers fully managed connector capabilities.

Notably, Confluent is announcing that Custom Connectors are now available across all AWS regions on Confluent Cloud.

Confluent’s updates also include the following:

  • Data Portal in Stream Governance is now generally available
  • New metrics and observability for Confluent Cloud for Apache Flink
  • Public IP addresses for external OAuth calls
  • Support for additional cloud regions, including GCP Paris, GCP Doha, GCP Dammam, and AWS Tel Aviv

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