Confluent Democratizes Data Streaming with Latest Enhancements

Confluent, Inc., the data streaming pioneer, announced a series of enhancements to its portfolio, introducing the Stream Designer, a visual interface that enables developers to build and deploy streaming data pipelines in minutes.

This point-and-click visual builder is a major advancement toward democratizing data streams so they are accessible to developers beyond specialized Apache Kafka experts, according to the vendor.

"We are in the middle of a major technological shift, where data streaming is making real time the new normal, enabling new business models, better customer experiences, and more efficient operations,” said Jay Kreps, co-founder and CEO, Confluent. “With Stream Designer we want to democratize this movement towards data streaming and make real time the default for all data flow in an organization.”

Stream Designer provides developers a flexible point-and-click canvas to build pipelines in minutes and describe data flows and business logic easily within the Confluent Cloud UI. It takes a developer-centric approach, where users with different skills and needs can seamlessly switch between the UI, a code editor, and command-line interface to declaratively build data flow logic at top speed. It brings developer-oriented practices to pipelines, making it easier for developers new to Kafka to scale data streaming projects faster.

In addition to Stream Designer, Confluent is releasing Stream Governance Advanced, empowering organizations to resolve issues within complex pipelines with point-in-time lineage, discover and understand topics faster with business metadata, and enforce quality controls globally with Schema Registry.

“Businesses heavily rely on real-time data to make fast and informed decisions, so it’s paramount that the right teams have quick access to trustworthy data,” said Chad Verbowski, senior vice president of engineering, Confluent. “With Stream Governance, organizations can understand the full scope of streams flowing across their business so they can quickly leverage that data to power endless use cases.”

Building on the suite of features initially introduced with Stream Governance Essentials, Stream Governance Advanced delivers more ways to easily discover, understand, and trust data in motion. With scalable quality controls in place, organizations can democratize access to data streams across teams while achieving always-on data integrity and regulatory compliance, according to the vendor.

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