Confluent Launches Health+ for Data in Motion

Confluent is offering its latest platform update, Confluent Platform 6.2, and is introducing Health+ to provide users with the tools and visibility needed to ensure the health of data in motion.

Health+ delivers three primary benefits to enhance the reliability data-in-motion use cases, including:

  • Intelligent alerts to reduce the risk of downtime and data loss by identifying potential issues before they occur to avoid business disruption. These alerts are based on expert-tested rules and algorithms developed from running thousands of clusters in Confluent Cloud to keep your self-managed clusters running smoothly and highly available.
  • Cloud-based monitoring dashboards to ensure the health of your environment(s) and quickly troubleshoot issues through real-time and historical visualizations of monitoring data. Our scalable, cloud-based solution also offloads expensive and infrastructure-intensive monitoring of self-managed services.
  • Accelerated Confluent support to speed issue resolution and minimize business disruption with a streamlined support experience. We are enabling customers to securely share contextual metadata without manual entry for much faster and targeted enterprise support interactions, particularly in times of duress.

Health+ helps reduce risk of downtime and data loss with intelligent alerts to identify potential issues before they occur and avoid business disruption.

With cluster metadata being continuously analyzed through an extensive library of expert-tested rules and algorithms, Health+ provides users with insights into cluster performance and health, helping them spot potential problems before they occur.

The solution provides a growing set of intelligent alerts accompanied by Confluent-backed recommendations on how to solve key issues, enabling self-managed deployments to power reliable, highly durable real-time applications, and systems without the heavy operational burden required to keep Kafka running smoothly.

There are 10 total validations available today (with many more to come), including:

  • Request handler idle percentage
  • Network processor idle percentage
  • Active controller count
  • Offline partitions
  • Unclean leader elections
  • Under replicated partitions
  • Under min in-sync replicas
  • Disk usage
  • Unused topics
  • No metrics from cluster in one hour

Health+ is built on the company’s deep understanding of data-in-motion infrastructure that is rooted in experience managing thousands of clusters in Confluent Cloud that meet our 99.95% uptime SLA, according to the vendor.

As customers adopt data in motion throughout their organization, their monitoring needs grow as well. Health+ offloads expensive and performance intensive monitoring of self-managed services through a scalable, cloud-based solution.

Not only can user view real-time and historical monitoring data of their connected Confluent Platform services, but they can also get Confluent-backed insights and recommendations.

In addition to Health+, Confluent Platform 6.2 comes with enhancements to existing features that make it a more complete platform for data in motion to implement mission-critical use cases end to end. This includes cluster linking, failover command, ksqlDB 0.17, support for Apache Kafka 2.8, and more.

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