Confluent Launches Migration Accelerator for Eased Transition from Legacy Data Streaming Platforms

Confluent, Inc., the data streaming pioneer, is debuting the Confluent Migration Accelerator, a program designed to help organizations ease the transition from traditional data streaming infrastructures, such as Apache Kafka. Developed in partnership with the Confluent partner ecosystem, the Confluent Migration Accelerator propels enterprises on their journeys to produce real-time applications quickly and cost-effectively for their customers.

The push for real time has impacted nearly every industry and every facet of business. Many organizations look to Apache Kafka to embrace this push, yet “building on Kafka alone can be challenging, creating delays and unnecessary overhead, taking valuable time away from exciting projects ahead,” according to Paul Mac Farland, VP of partner and innovation ecosystem at Confluent.

Compounding its complexity, Kafka is further unable to provide various advanced capabilities necessary for real-time apps, including elastic scalability, failover processes, cluster sizing, and more, according to Confluent.

With these drivers in mind, Confluent is introducing its Migration Accelerator as a means to easily migrate from Kafka and other traditional streaming infrastructures to Confluent Cloud.

Confluent’s cloud-native and complete data streaming platform—which was named a leader in the space by Forrester—delivers greater performance and lower latency than Kafka, paired with multi-tenancy, elasticity, data balancing, and more. Confluent Cloud can run anywhere, in any combination of on-prem, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud deployments.

Confluent Migration Accelerator offers a coalition of support—both on behalf of Confluent and its array of partners, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, EPAM, Improving, iLink, and more—organizations can press the “easy button” to migrate to Confluent Cloud, according to the vendor.

Additionally, the Confluent Migration Accelerator offers:

  • Technical team and expert data streaming support for augmenting staff, accessing funding credits, and accelerate migration via packaged migration offerings
  • A global network of Confluent-certified system integrators that can further assist with migration
  • Significant cost savings (40-60% of TCO savings) in comparison to traditional data streaming platforms

“Organizations are under tremendous pressure to turn their fragmented and siloed data into a competitive advantage. That’s why 72% of IT leaders are using data streaming to help solve this data mess and power mission-critical systems,” explained Mac Farland. “We’ve seen the same patterns where enterprises need a platform that can better support data streaming outcomes. Through this new program, developers will no longer have to self-manage Kafka or maintain platform performance or infrastructure, giving them more flexibility and time to work on projects they’re excited about.”

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