Confluent Releases Cloud Platform for Managing Large Scale Streaming Environments

Confluent, provider of the streaming platform based on Apache Kafka, is releasing Confluent Cloud, allowing users to manage large streaming environments.

Built by the original creators of Apache Kafka, Confluent Cloud operationalizes the Confluent team's expertise from managing some of the largest streaming environments in production today. The fully managed service helps companies deploy their Customer 360, fleet management, fraud detection, and other real-time, large-scale initiatives.

Confluent Platform includes Confluent Cloud, Confluent Enterprise and Confluent Open Source, to create a more complete distribution of Apache Kafka intended for large-scale production across a variety of environments.

It improves Apache Kafka by expanding its integration capabilities, adding tools to optimize and manage Kafka clusters, and ensuring the streams are secure. With Confluent Cloud, enterprises and developers have the option to build and run applications in the cloud, knowing that the team who created Kafka are maintaining and managing the Kafka clusters. 

Key features of the release include latest Apache Kafka upgrades, high throughput, optional support for multiple availability zones, client support, flexibility, and Kafka expertise.

“Confluent Cloud is now production ready and capable of handling enterprise workloads, ideal for companies that are looking for experts to run their Apache Kafka as a Service for them,” said Neha Narkhede, co-founder and CTO at Confluent. “Enterprises and developers can now focus on building applications that provide value to the business, rather than worrying about managing and running Kafka.”

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