Confluent Releases Connectors for Integrating Events Across Different Environments

Confluent, Inc., an event streaming provider, is launching new fully managed connectors for Confluent Cloud to seamlessly integrate events across cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments. Confluent is also releasing ksqlDB pull queries in Confluent Cloud for streamlined processing of event data.

This supports the latest theme for Project Metamorphosis—Complete. With connectors for a full ecosystem of on-premises systems, top cloud services, and popular enterprise tools, organizations can easily blend and analyze data from across their business, enabling more personalized customer experiences and improved operational efficiencies, according to the vendor.

Paired with ksqlDB, organizations can bring sophisticated, real-time applications to market faster than ever and save months of engineering time and resources.

“When an event streaming platform is an organization’s central nervous system for all real-time data, applications become more agile, intelligent, and responsive,” said Jay Kreps, co-founder and CEO, Confluent. “Our platform comes with over 120 production-ready Kafka connectors, so any organization can realize the power of a complete event-driven central nervous system without all the hassle.”

To help organizations jumpstart the development of event streaming applications, Confluent built Confluent Hub as the app store for event streaming.

With a clean layout and user-friendly UI, it’s easy to browse, search, and filter over 120 connectors, including 30 that are fully managed.

The newest additions coming to Confluent Hub include:

  • New fully managed Kafka connectors to accelerate development of event-driven serverless applications
  • New self-managed Kafka connector to break down legacy system data silos

Through Project Metamorphosis Confluent has built a complete event streaming platform that delivers on foundational characteristics of a cloud-native data system so that any organization can benefit from the full power of event streaming.

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