Confluent Releases Stream Governance to Tap into Data Streams

Confluent, Inc., the platform to set data in motion, is releasing a governance suite for streaming data that delivers a simple, self-service experience to discover, understand, and trust the real-time data that flows throughout modern businesses.

Offered as a fully managed cloud solution, distributed teams now have quick, easy access to the data that’s critical to developing more real-time applications and business operations, all while maintaining data security and privacy.

This provides organizations with a safe way to expand the use of data in motion and create a central nervous system that ties together disparate applications and systems. With streaming data available to more people, teams can unlock entirely new use cases that drive differentiation and exceed customer demands, according to the vendor.

"Data in motion is becoming the key platform for companies looking to unlock their data,” said Jay Kreps, co-founder and CEO, Confluent. “But to truly unlock data, it isn't enough to make it accessible. You need to also ensure it is correct, compliant, and discoverable. With Stream Governance, we make the governance of streaming data easy and integrated so customers can ensure that their data is a solid foundation for their next generation digital initiatives.”

Stream Governance makes the value of real-time data available across an organization, with both self-service data discoverability and scalable controls for long-term data compatibility and compliance.

This new suite of capabilities establishes trust in the real-time data moving throughout the business while delivering an easy, cloud-native experience that empowers teams across any organization to quickly put these event streams to work.

New cloud capabilities that are now available as part Stream Governance include:

  • Stream catalog: Increase collaboration and productivity with self-service data discovery
  • Stream lineage: Understand complex data relationships and uncover more insights
  • Stream quality: Deliver trusted, high-quality event streams to the business

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