Confluent Unveils Q3 ’21 Release Giving Boost to Real Time Updates and More

Confluent, Inc., the platform to set data in motion, is launching the Confluent Q3 '21 Release, featuring developments that help organizations reliably share data between different environments, seamlessly integrate with business-critical applications, and cost-effectively store data needed for next-generation, digital customer experiences and data-driven backend operations.

“At the incredible pace of innovation happening in every industry, ubiquitous access to data in real time is now more crucial than ever,” said Ganesh Srinivasan, chief product and engineering officer, Confluent. “The Confluent Q3 '21 Release helps companies harness data as it’s generated across more business applications and cloud environments at global scale to build a reliable, central nervous system for data in motion.”

With every quarterly release, Confluent will announce new capabilities for data in motion and Apache Kafka that reflect the investments it’s making to deliver a platform that is cloud-native, complete, and available everywhere.

The Confluent Q3 '21 release aims to help organizations break data silos, reliably share data between different environments, and simplify how organizations use data to react, respond, and adapt in real time.

Cluster Linking is now generally available, providing a simple, fully managed solution for connecting Kafka clusters and replicating events across regions and clouds. This makes it easy to establish a single source of truth for real-time data that can be used for global data sharing, disaster recovery, and easy workload migrations.

As part of this release, Confluent added additional capabilities for near-real-time disaster recovery. With Cluster Linking’s new data mirroring experience, a single Confluent Cloud CLI or API command lets you failover to perfectly mirrored Kafka topics on a separate region or different cloud provider altogether. This is an important capability for keeping business-critical applications running in the event of outages with a public cloud provider or regional service disruption.

Confluent has expanded its library of fully managed Kafka connectors that seamlessly integrate business-critical applications and data systems across an entire organization. These new connectors help modernize and future-proof data infrastructure, giving organizations the flexibility to share data broadly and build everywhere across any environment.

The Salesforce Platform Events Source connector enables organizations to unlock valuable customer data and share it with downstream data warehouses and applications to improve business intelligence and analytics and enrich customer experiences.

The fully managed Azure Cosmos DB Sink connector helps companies migrate to a modern, cloud-native database to enable high performance and automatic scaling, unlocking real-time use cases like IoT, retail services, and online gaming at massive scale.

To avoid the costly operational overhead of managing data in motion at massive scale, Confluent re-architected Kafka to work seamlessly in the cloud with cloud-native traits developers expect, including elasticity, high availability, and cost-effectiveness.

Infinite Storage is now generally available for Google Cloud, after initially launching for AWS. Organizations can now retain all the real-time and historical data they need without the hassle of pre-provisioning additional infrastructure or running the risk of paying for any unused storage. Get started

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