Containers and Agility, How MariaDB can Pair with Docker or Kubernetes

Pairing a modern database capable of handling transactional and analytical workloads with modern DevOps management can bring agility to the organization. But how can companies successfully do this?

There are options for running MariaDB in containers, a method that is no longer just for test and dev environments anymore.

DBTA recently held a webinar with Thomas Boyd, principal solutions engineer, MariaDB Corporation who discussed best practices for running mission-critical MariaDB instances in Docker and Kubernetes, with high availability and great ease of operation. 

MariaDB offers two enterprise products: MariaDB TX and MariaDB AX. TX is optimized for modern transactional workloads while AX is optimized for modern analytical workloads, Boyd explained.

TX offers:

  • Purpose-built storage
  • Advanced security
  • High availability
  • JSON + sharding
  • Management tools

AX offers:

  • Columnar data
  • Distributed storage
  • Parallel query processing
  • Spark and Kafka connectors
  • BI/reporting adapters

Existing deployment models are broken, Boyd explained, and architectures are complex – posing challenges such as orchestration, complexity, maintainability, durability, consistency, scalability, cost, and (hybrid) cloud.

Containers give businesses O/S packages and patches, execution environment (e.g. Python 2.7), application code and dependencies, process isolation, speed, and virtualization.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.