Continuent Enhances Open Source Replication for MySQL and PostgreSQL

Continuent, Inc., a provider of solutions for continuous data availability, advanced database replication, backup and database performance scalability, has introduced Continuent Tungsten 1.2.1 for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Continuent Tungsten offers an easy to manage, dynamic database replication solution with automatic failover, cluster management, high availability and scalability. "Early adopter customers have noticed the speed and enhanced usability provided by this new version," says Eero Teerikorpi, CEO of Continuent. "Continuent Tungsten enables our customers to reduce the cost, risk, and complexity of data availability and database performance."

Continuent Tungsten 1.2.1 includes a number of design enhancements and incremental improvements driven by Tungsten community. These include support for replication of binary data using MySQL statement replication, as well as improved character set handling; a new management "recover" command that permits single-step recovery of failed data sources; and improved support for clusters based on PostgreSQL warm standby. There is also preview support for clusters based on Londiste replication working with PostgreSQL and improved handling and recovery from network partitions.

Tungsten Community Edition takes advantage of the latest innovations from the open source database clustering community with no upfront acquisition costs, and provides a clear path to more advanced capabilities through an optional upgrade to the commercial Tungsten Enterprise editions.  Continuent's commercial Tungsten Enterprise editions combine the advantages of open source and commercial technologies to deliver data availability solutions that are based on the Tungsten open source components, a collection of solutions for database scale-out. A free Tungsten Community Edition is available now. Go here.