Continuing to Add Capabilities, Oracle Expands Supply Chain Management Cloud

To help companies support their complete quote-to-cash process in the Cloud, Oracle has expanded the Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud with the addition of two new products, Oracle Order Management Cloud and Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud.

According to Oracle, the two products provide modern order promising, management, visibility and fulfillment capabilities, and link the existing quote and sales process in Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote Cloud (Oracle CPQ Cloud) and the pick, pack and ship processes in Oracle Inventory Cloud to billing in Oracle ERP Cloud.

In the past, says Oracle, these different processes were often siloed, particularly when some elements operated in the cloud and some did not, making it difficult for companies to create a seamless, transparent business flow. With the new products in the Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud, the goal is to deliver a complete quote-to-cash cloud solution to drive enhanced customer experience, revenues, and margins.

“With the introduction of Oracle Order Management Cloud and Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud, customers can now run their entire quote-to-cash process in the Oracle Cloud,” said Jon Chorley, group vice president of supply chain management product strategy, Oracle. “By delivering an enterprise-class order management platform, which is also matched with quoting, sales, fulfillment and billing all in the Oracle Cloud, our customers can deliver uncompromising efficiency, satisfaction and performance.”

More information is available about Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud including Oracle Order Management Cloud and Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud