Continuity Software Ships Management Tools for Software-Defined Data Center

Continuity Software, a provider of IT operations analytics for infrastructure outage prevention, unveiled a new release of its AvailabilityGuard software, intended to provide enterprise IT teams with advanced predictive analytics, risk detection, and outage prevention capabilities across their software-defined data centers.  

“The transition towards the software-defined data center delivers higher levels of agility and control to IT organizations, but at the same time presents new challenges,” said Doron Pinhas, CTO of Continuity Software. “The risk of misconfiguration does not go away with automation. If certain configuration deviates from best practices, automation only helps it spread faster and makes it more difficult to pinpoint. AvailabilityGuard is a safeguard against the diffusion of bad practices and risky configurations throughout the infrastructure.”

AvailabilityGuard version 7 provides infrastructure teams with predictive IT operations analytics capabilities to help ensure resiliency, high availability, and operational excellence in the highly dynamic environment of the software-defined datacenter. AvailabilityGuard is intended to help enable IT organizations to identify and mitigate hidden design and deployment flaws that may introduce downtime risks, single-points-of-failure, and deviations from best practices across the entire infrastructure.

AvailabilityGuard is engineered to help enable IT teams to ensure that all systems of their respective software defined data centers are properly configured according to vendor best practices and internally-defined standards across all virtual and physical layers by performing daily verification of the entire IT landscape to identify single-points-of-failure and other configuration risks while reducing time and effort associated with pre-rollout testing, and verifying configuration changes before they impact the business. 

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