Copado Releases DevOps Analytics Suite for Salesforce

Copado, a provider of a native DevOps platform for Salesforce, is releasing its Summer 20 updates to accelerate, optimize, and measure innovation delivery on the Salesforce platform. Summer 20 is a milestone release that includes a complete DevOps Analytics suite.

The update adds over 160 new features to optimize the Salesforce delivery process and is the only 100% native Salesforce delivery management solution. With Copado, businesses can finally align their Salesforce delivery teams including admins, developers, architects, security, IT and the CIO, with a single view of the processes, data and insights required to rapidly deliver new innovation to the market safely.

“Salesforce is the platform for digital customer transformations and Copado is the DevOps engine for innovation delivery,” said Ted Elliott, chief executive officer of Copado. “Organizations relying on Salesforce as a cornerstone for their digital transformation projects need C-level visibility into the development lifecycle to understand how business goals are being addressed with technology. Copado is the only solution for Salesforce delivery performance and management, all built natively on the Salesforce platform. With Copado, organizations can now align people, process and goals to quickly and confidently deliver digital customer experiences on the Salesforce platform.”

Copado DevOps 360 Analytics, the first Salesforce DevOps analytics performance platform, delivers real-time visibility and analytics to any Salesforce project to optimize the planning, build and delivery of innovation.

It brings together all the DevOps data from Salesforce into a collaborative DevOps platform that tracks the innovation delivery performance of a Salesforce project.

With Copado DevOps 360, organizations can measure Salesforce ROI, accelerate release cycles, deliver safer releases, adapt to changing market conditions and align business goals with technology.

Copado DevOps 360 quantifies the success of transformation based on the speed and quality of innovation delivery.

Beyond the standard reports and dashboards capability within Salesforce, Copado tracks the full history of metrics for each development item, providing in-depth analysis of future performance issues before they can happen.

It allows organizations to align and collaborate around value delivery, gain visibility into the development lifecycle, identify and remove bottlenecks, and deliver more predictable, higher quality releases.

Specifically, Copado DevOps 360 uses embedded Tableau analytics to show planning performance, development performance, delivery performance, CIO dashboards and value stream maps. Value stream maps provide clear and actionable insights into the development process, displaying stages, processes within stages and metrics associated with the processes.

As part of Summer 20, Copado has also launched the first Salesforce DevOps exchange, a marketplace in the Copado ecosystem.

Customers can find data deploy templates, DevOps integrations and CI/CD extensions listed in the DevOps Marketplace. The Exchange is available within the Copado Community to all Copado customers and partners.

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