Corvil Introduces Streaming Analytics Platform for Big Data Integration and Real-Time Insights

Corvil, an IT data analytics company, has introduced a new streaming analytics platform for real-time operational intelligence and big data integration. The new Corvil Giga release is targeted at companies in the financial industry and others that need to operate their business in real time.

The Corvil Giga release is intended to help companies prepare for the new wave of financial regulations, mitigating risk against IT failure and malicious attack, accessing real-time operational intelligence to see, understand and act faster, and managing massive volumes of high-velocity streaming data without busting IT budgets.

"Our customers want to run their business in the now. This is not simply about real-time data analytics. It is about providing the data and intelligence that delivers a 10x improvement in the speed of operations," said Donal Byrne, CEO of Corvil. "Over the past several years we have been working with the leading companies within the global financial markets. With massive volumes of data moving at break-neck speed, billions of transactions per day, and ultra sensitivity to IT mishap, the ability to act in the now is second to none. What we've done today is to dramatically reduce the barrier to operating and safeguarding their business in real-time."

The Corvil streaming analytics platform taps into the data that is flowing through the network, and other complementary sources of IT data, helping operational intelligence be more easily consumed and leveraged by the business in real-time.

The new platform introduces the following new capabilities auto data discovery - to automatically discover all data sessions on the network; analytics plug-ins – to enable selection from hundreds of plug-ins to analyze apps and IT protocols; global data search – across all indexed fields to produce instant answers; analytics streams – to publish analytics streams to big data and BI systems; and big data adapters - including support for Hadoop, Kdb, Storm and Splunk.

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