Couchbase Adds Full Text Search and Real-Time Analytics

At Couchbase Connect16, Couchbase, Inc., provider of a document database with a SQL-based query language, announced new capabilities including full text search and real-time analytics to simplify the way developers build web, mobile, and IoT applications.

According to Ravi Mayuram, senior vice president of engineering and products, Couchbase, businesses are expending considerable effort to get insights into their operational data, with data typically having to be extracted from its operational database and then transformed and loaded into a data warehouse or a Hadoop cluster.

The combination of operational, search, and real-time analytical functionality in a single platform, the company says, enables digital businesses to now create intelligent and data-intensive applications without the complexity of mapping and moving data between disparate systems or the difficulty of managing multiple technologies.

Couchbase also introduced the latest release of Couchbase Server, version 4.6, which adds multi-data center awareness, globally-ordered conflict resolution, and other developer-centric features to speed up and simplify app development.

In addition, the company announced new Couchbase Spark 2.0 and Kafka 3.0 Connectors that enable developers to continuously stream and analyze data changes in order to build more intelligent, responsive applications.

Couchbase Analytics

With the elimination of ETL, jobs, and reduced dependency on other technologies, Couchbase Analytics simplifies the ability for digital businesses to develop highly-customized apps.  The Couchbase Analytics developer preview release enables developers to run complex, ad hoc queries on operational JSON data stored in Couchbase to get real-time insights using the new distributed parallel analytics engine. This analytics engine is delivered as an independently-scalable service using Couchbase’s Multi-Dimensional Scaling technology, enabling users to run analytics on the same data platform without any impact to their business operations.

Couchbase Full Text Search

The new Couchbase Full Text Search capability, in developer preview, is built on the open source project Bleve and is now integrated with Couchbase, providing functionality that enables developers to add rich text search features such as faceting and relevance-based scoring to their apps without replicating data to a separate search system.  The capability extends Couchbase management capabilities such as auto data distribution, rebalance and node failover, to the text search service.

Couchbase Server 4.6

Addressing the needs of digital businesses that are increasingly dealing with interactions across a geographically-distributed customer base, Couchbase Server 4.6 builds on capabilities including Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) to add multi-data center awareness, globally-ordered conflict resolution, and a range of other developer-centric features to speed up and simplify app development.

Big Data Integrations with Spark and Kafka

Couchbase has also added the Couchbase Spark Connector 2.0, with support for Spark 2.0 and its structured streaming API, enabling continuous analysis of operational data, and the Couchbase Kafka Connector 3.0, with support for Kafka Connect, a framework for building stream pipelines with Kafka.