Couchbase Brings the Enhanced Performance, Scalability, and Cost-Efficiency of its DBaaS to Azure

Couchbase, Inc., the cloud database platform company, is announcing the availability of Couchbase Capella, the company’s database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offering, on Azure. Enterprises seeking a cost-effective, highly-performant and scalable database compatible with Azure will now be able to leverage the power of Capella.

Capella, a fully-managed JSON document and key-value DBaaS with SQL access and built-in full-text search, is built to withstand extreme scalability and empower performance as developers create and maintain modern applications. Offloading database management, users of Capella can dramatically lower TCO with the solution’s real-time, memory-first architecture and best-in-class price-performance, according to the vendor.

“We saw strong demand from our install base as well as our prospect base to bring Couchbase to them delivered as a fully-managed database-as-a-service,” said Scott Anderson, senior vice president of product management and business operations at Couchbase. “They wanted to focus more on application development and using the resources, and let the vendor, who is the expert—in this case it’s Couchbase with our 10 plus years of experience delivering this database—to fully manage that.”

Capella App Services also provides continuous support for mobile and IoT apps, regardless of web connectivity and speed, with the solution’s sync, store, query, search, and analytics capabilities at the edge. Nodes are easily added, removed, or modified without needing application changes, ensuring high availability and reliability, also amplified with automated scaling.

“The performance at scale—the ability to have the confidence that as they grow, an application that may start with 100,000 users and grows to 1,000,010 million, Couchbase can scale and deliver that performance that they require—and then do that in a very cost efficient way,” said  Anderson.

Additionally, Capella is multi-cloud, enabling users to build and run applications on the cloud service provider of their choice. Not only is Capella comprehensive and powerful but also familiar; the solution’s new user experience takes inspiration from GitHub, using a SQL++ query language to lower the learning curve for its users.

“We can deliver significantly more performance with lower latency with less infrastructure,” explained Anderson. “You can be running Couchbase using six nodes—and a competitor who's running 12 or 18 nodes is not going to be able to deliver the same level of scalability and performance that we are.”

The myriad of benefits that Capella provides is now brought to the Azure client base, broadening Capella’s ability to be multi-cloud and meet its customers where they are.

“Users, our install base, as well as prospects, have been asking us to extend Capella into Azure, because that would be, in many of those cases, their primary cloud service provider,” said Anderson. “We wanted to ensure that we give customers the choice in that multi-cloud capability, be it if they wanted to deploy within a single cloud service provider of their choice or a multi-cloud deployment where they may want to mix and match with cloud service providers. So having the full breadth of coverage is critical to our customers and our prospect base.”

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