Couchbase Reaffirms Ongoing Commitment in Aiding Developers with Capella Improvements

Couchbase, Inc., the cloud database platform company, is unveiling its improvements for Couchbase Capella, the enterprise’s database-as-a-service (DBaaS). TCO reductions, security and compliance enhancements, and developer community investment are the by-products of Couchbase’s announcement, boosting productivity, performance, and community engagement.

While developers benefit from the extensive range of tools and services at their disposal, it also comes with a price; the great breadth of powerful tools for developers creates an experience gap among them, according to RedMonk. Complex, and multi-factor developer toolchains inhibit productivity, as time expenditures towards maintenance of these tools is detrimental to its value.

As a response to this disparate developer tool landscape, Couchbase developed Capella to resemble popular technologies, like GitHub, and build applications, emphasizing a sense of familiarity for its users, according to the vendor. Capella also incorporates in-product help and tutorial, enhanced with increased accessibility.

“As customers continue to invest in digital transformation, developers who are building modern applications need technologies that make them more productive,” said Scott Anderson, senior vice president of product management at Couchbase. “To address this market need, we have invested in removing friction for developers, enhancing their experience, and enabling greater agility with this latest Capella release. We are seeing enthusiastic customer receptivity and growing momentum for Capella, and I’m proud of our investments in advancing its flexibility and ease-of-use. We are making Capella more accessible than ever before to developers and look forward to seeing what next-gen applications will be built upon our cloud database platform.”

Capella targets TCO through its memory-first architecture and high-data density storage engine, leveraging millisecond response times and compute and storage capabilities for advantageous price performance. Performance processing is up to 4x faster, while also using 10x less memory, according to the vendor. Clusters can be optimized for affordability without sacrificing processing power or storage.

Security is improved upon in this iteration of upgrades to Capella, now offering single sign-on capabilities. Capella and Couchbase have completed the SOC 2 Type II audit and are equipped to help customers design HIPAA-compliant applications.

Couchbase is further announcing its ongoing commitment towards developer communities, expanding its reach through the Couchbase Ambassador Program. The program enables developers to share their expertise throughout developer audiences, also providing tools and resources for community engagements. The Couchbase Community Hub is another new launch, dedicated to uniting users and contributors to encourage learning and discovery.

"With Couchbase, developers can build apps that scale and perform to deliver premium customer experiences,” said Daniele Angeli, Couchbase ambassador, and CEO and founder of MOLO17. “It’s super exciting to see Couchbase growing its developer community and investing in these new resources to bring Capella to more developers.”

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