Couchbase Server Now Available as NoSQL Database-as-a-Service for the Cloud

NoSQL company Couchbase has announced its integration solution for VMware vFabric Application Director. The solution allows deployment and management of Couchbase Server on any VMware vCloud-powered private, public or hybrid clouds so that application middleware teams can more easily leverage Couchbase Server in their virtual and cloud environments.

Couchbase Server is an open source NoSQL database optimized for the data management needs of interactive web applications. It automatically distributes data across commodity servers or virtual machines.

With the new integration, Couchbase Server can be easily deployed via VMware’s cloud-enabled application provisioning solution, further simplifying the creation and standardization of application deployment topologies across cloud services.
With Couchbase Server's flexible data model and vFabric Application Director’s ability to automate application deployment, users can rapidly implement changes to their web applications. In addition the combination of products enables users to scale the database layer, growing a cluster to hundreds of servers, without any interruption or change to an application and automate and orchestrate provisioning of their applications.

Because so many users are deploying Couchbase on the cloud, it seemed a natural fit to support VMware vFabric Application Director, Frank Weigel, vice president of products at Couchbase, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The integration of Couchbase with VMware vFabric Application Director is exciting to customers, he adds, because it allows users to create blueprints for services including not only Couchbase as the database layer but other components as well that are required to provision their web applications, and then they can easily expand them.

Version 1.8 of Couchbase Server is now generally available, and version 2.0 - with JSON support, distributed indexing querying, as well as cross data center replication - is also available as a developer preview, points out Weigel. For more information, go to